Virtual and Hybrid Events in a Post-pandemic World BLOG

Virtual and Hybrid Events in a Post-pandemic World

During the pandemic, the world was compelled to adapt to a virtual life. Professionals began work-from-home, children attended online classes and meetings hoped onto Zoom.

Though the events industry was badly hit, event planners soon rolled out innovative models to organize seminars and conferences online. Even as everything returned back to normal, organizations continue to favor virtual/hybrid events as a fast and effective way to interact with others.

Now that we operate in a post-pandemic world, we see a combination of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events as the way ahead. In this blog, we throw light on each model and how a combination of them can indulge your audience in an immersive experience.


An online event brings together speakers, presenters and audience from anywhere in the world! These events leverage various technologies such as live streaming, video conferencing and interactive platforms to create an immersive virtual experience. As participants engage through their tablets, smartphones or other internet-connected devices, they can save time and money of travel and attend on their own accord.

Through hi-tech video conferencing tools, LED screens, projectors, sound consoles and lighting systems, attendees can actively engage in chats, Q&A sessions, polls and interact with one another.


A hybrid event model allows attendees the flexibility to choose between attending in-person or remotely. It’s a combination of a live event with virtual components to create a space that all can enjoy! In such events, a portion of the audience is physically present at a designated venue, while others join virtually from different locations.

The on-site attendees benefit from the face-to-face interactions, live concerts and access to physical exhibits or activities. While remote participants engage through live streaming, virtual meeting platforms and other interactive tools. They can view presentations, participate in discussions and interact with both on-site attendees and other virtual participants.

Hybrid events require careful planning and the use of cutting-edge equipment to ensure a seamless integration of the physical and virtual components. They’ve become increasingly popular as they allow event organizers to reach a larger audience by accommodating even those unable to travel.


Those who prefer personal experiences over virtual screening attend in-person events. Overall, the attendees who are physically present derive an all-inclusive experience of live concerts, performances, face-to-face interactions and much more.

Even after the return of live events, experts believe that hybrid events — a blend of in-person and virtual events — will continue to remain popular. These changed preferences have forced the events industry to invest in new technology and state-of-the-art AV and lighting solutions to enhance overall experience.

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